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1 in 3 consumers face issues in setting up
IoT devices

Simplify IoT device setup and security
using Trillbit data over sound technology

The Problem of provisioning

Conventional Wi-fi setup is difficult. It
- Involves many steps and is confusing for non-technical users
- Results in expensive after sales service and product returns
- Involves cyber security risk

The Problem of authentication

Implementing secure authentication is a huge problem in IoT devices, especially headless devices that do not have an input interface. Voice authentication is both ineffective and unreliable for use cases such as payment. We are the only protocol, globally, that makes voice assistants compliant with the new payment directive (PSD2)

The problem of Reprovisioning

Setting up a device is very cumbersome, hence consumers avoid doing it multiple times. According to a global consumer survey, 22% consumers returned a device due to issues faced while configuring device settings.

Trillbit makes it easy

Trillbit's unique Data over sound technology makes device setup and authentication 10x faster and ultra secure

Provisioning via sound


With data-over-sound, the process of transferring network credentials to a headless device is vastly simplified

- One touch setup (no pairing/configuration)
- No additional hardware requirements
- Set up multiple devices at once

Authentication via sound


Data-over-sound can easily solve the problem of authentication on devices even without an input interface.  It is compatible with all the protocols based on public-key cryptography, One Time Password (OTP) or Time based One Time Password (TOTP)

Convert user frustration to user delight

Data over sound technology is the next big thing in smart homes and Industrial IoT environment. It can simplify the operations of service-based companies across multiple sectors, and can deliver results even in unfavourable situations.

Integrate cross platform Trill SDK within minutes.

Demo and Use cases

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