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Trillbit’s core mission lies in enabling effortless authentication and transmission of data through our pioneering “Data over Sound” technology. Our technology helps to enhance the user experience by providing a seamless authentication and cost-effective software solutions.

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How Can Trillbit Be Integrated With Your Business?

IoT Device setup and security

Transform customer’s frustration into delight with Data over Sound. Trillbit’s ultrasonic technology simplifies the setup process of Smart IoT devices at home with a single click. Reduces product returns with 5x faster setup. lisnr

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Multi Factor Authentication

Authentication with passwords and existing MFA solutions on websites is time-consuming and insecure. With Trillbit’s acoustic passwordless MFA solution authentication is even more secure and customer friendly. Login is completed in seconds with an inaudible sound.

Multi factor authentication display
Contactless authentication with Data over sound

Contactless Ticketing Solutions

Mobile authentication can be challenging, Trillbit offers offline and contactless ticketing solutions for metros, buses, railways. Ensuring faster and safer authentication than NFC, QR. 

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Secure Payment Solution

Payments made easy with Data over Sound. Works across devices and requires no additional hardware, which makes it a powerful alternative for peer-to-peer payments and transactions.

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sound waves based p2m payment

Our clients

Mylo rides

“We currently are doing 1,50,000 ticket authentications on a daily basis for B.E.S.T. which operates as one of India's largest fleets of buses through the Chalo app”


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