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How Can Trillbit Be Integrated With Your Business?

IoT and smart home device setup

IoT Device setup and security

Transform customer’s frustration into delight with Data over Sound. Trillbit’s ultrasonic technology simplifies the setup process of Smart IoT devices at home with a single click. Reduces product returns with 5x faster setup. lisnr

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Provide your customers with the experience of one-step troubleshooting and effortless error diagnostic of smart home devices without depending on user manuals proving in a fewer customer calls and reducing operational costs through Data over Sound.

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Troubleshooting for smart home devices
Contactless authentication with Data over sound

Multi Factor Authentication

Authentication with passwords and existing MFA solutions on websites is time-consuming and insecure. With Trillbit’s acoustic passwordless MFA solution authentication is even more secure and customer friendly. Login is completed in seconds with an inaudible sound.

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How Data over Sound technology works?

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The adoption of smart home devices is growing across regions, the opportunity is immense. However, it also caters to the potential security risk and adaption challenges. TrillBit has developed a white paper on how "Data over sound" technology minimizes the challenges of setup and makes it a seamless and secure process.

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