Contactless ultrasonic
authentication protocol

Creating the Internet of sound

State of the art

 and the most reliable data over sound platform. Integrate our SDK or API in your App,website or device easily and make it contactless.

Truly Contactless Protocol

No touch authentication

Completely touchless authentication enabled by patented data over sound technology. Send data to any device within hearing range.

One-to-one / many

Enable seamless one-to-one or one-to-many exchanges such as ticketing, transactions, payment details, and website URLs.

Action at a distance

Customize range from few feets to several meters. Follow the social distancing at all cost.

Software only solution

 that can be integrated with any App, website or device. Trillbit can convert any existing speaker into data transmitter and any device with microphone into a data receiver.

Trill tones are ultrasonic pulses which contains data. They are silent tones played by any ordinary speaker which you cant hear but your device can.
Any smart device with a microphone can catch these tones. Our SDK can interpret these tones to trigger specific actions or transmit contextual data.
Data over sound enables no-touch interactions. It can be used in user-authentication, IoT device provisioning, Ticketing Payments solutions.


Software development kit (SDK)

Integrate within minutes.

Trillbit SDK is designed for cross-platform and all-OS solutions. It works in harshest environment and supports any device.

Why us ?


Works across all type of environment, devices and OS. Reliable in every sense


Configurable Contactless authentication that works from inches to several feet away


Supports industry-standard encryption (AES, RSA, TOTP) for secure authentication


No additional hardware needed If the specification already includes audio I/O


Rapid checkout experience. Give your customer faster, easier and personalized journey.


Any device with a microphone or speaker, from legacy to modern smart speakers.

About us

Trillbit is Techstars & Cisco backed startup building the “Internet of Sound”

Our Team

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