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The Internet of sound

Most Reliable and Secure
Data Over Sound Technology

Simple, Secure and Seamless

 The ultimate authentication toolkit for savvy technology companies.

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Trill Auth

Contactless, Fast and Secure authentication experience

Get past of QR & NFC by creating ticketing and payment experiences with sound

Authenticate with sound
Internet of things

Trill IoT

Make your devices setup process magical

Simple and secure device setup experience for your customers using sound.

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Passkeys based Authentication


Next generation passwordless Solution for people and things

Industry first FIDO conforming authentication solution using Passkeys

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What is Data-Over-Sound?

What is Trillbit ?

Connectivity redefined with Trillbit patented data over sound technology.

 It uses ultrasonic sound waves to transmit encrypted digital data between two devices with a speaker and a microphone. Data over Sound beats NFC, Bluetooth and QR Codes to be the easy and most secure forms of data transfer.

What can you do with Trillbit SDK?

Payment & Ticketing

Let us accelerate your business with contactless, fast and secure authentication experiences across devices and platform.

IoT Device setup  

Integrate Sound protocol to your smart devices and give your customers  a simple and secure Device provisioning and troubleshooting flow.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure authentication of people and things.  Eliminate risks & login with sound for optimizing the security of MFA consumer products.

See TrillBit in action

Triangle behind a mountain range made with structural grid like texture

Our partners have trusted us to provide a seamless authentication experience to their customers.

TrillBit has partnered with some of the leading companies to enable a smooth user experience through frictionless and secure device provisioning and troubleshooting. Check out all our partnerships and the products that we have co-created with them.

TrillBit Data over Sound technology enables easy authentication for IoT devices and enable seamless device setup process

world-leading AIoT Platform

Our partnership with TrillBit has provided a seamless traveling experience for the commuters of the 3500+ fleet of buses of BEST.

Bus transport technology company

Why TrillBit ?

We are scalable, cross-platform and zero deployment cost solution

Share data with anyone around you in a seamless experience. No pairing, touching or typing needed.
Device agnostic

Any device with a microphone or speaker, from legacy industrial hardware to modern smart speakers.

Fast and secure method of proximity communication without the dependency on Internet
Cross- Platfrom

Works across all type of devices and OS. Truly cross-platform in every sense

Supports industry-standard encryption (AES, RSA, TOTP) for secure authentication
Low power

Battery efficient specially for embedded applications. Much efficient than BLE 

Convert user frustration to user delight

Data over sound technology is the next big thing in smart homes and Industrial IoT environment. It can simplify the operations of service-based companies across multiple sectors, and can deliver results even in unfavourable situations.

Integrate cross platform Trill SDK within minutes.

How to integrate TrillBit SDK ?


Sign up on our developer portal

There are tons of multi-purpose options.


Create your project

Use one of our prepared templates or build your own.


Integrate SDK and publish

Launch your shiny new site in less time than ever.
Sit back and enjoy! 🎉
Data over sound Whitepaper

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