Device provisioning

Seamless connection

Data-over-sound requires no pairing or configuration, making data transfer as simple as pressing a button.

The most advanced solution for many device-to-device connectivity applications, particularly for use cases that require frictionless, low cost connectivity with nearby devices.

Trillbit provisioning solution is offline, proximity-bounded, and does not require any infrastructure modifications.
Credentials are encoded as ultrasonic audio, optionally layered with encryption for secure scenarios, and broadcast over-the-air to nearby smart devices.

Use cases

Smart speakers

Configure smart speakers with a press of a button. Give the best out of the box experience. Enable host of application using data over sound.

No display hardwares

Cameras, Locks, Thermostats, Sensors.
Configure a new smart device with network credentials and functional configuration


No pairing or config

Rapid set up with seamless UX experience. Faster and easier.

Proximity detection

Confined to room boundaries.
Detection of device with room level granularity.

Zero cost

Adds nothing to a device if the specification already includes audio I/O
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