Contactless, Faster and Secure
Alternative to NFC and QR 

Universal way of authentication using data over sound technology

Two way & Truly Offline

Integrate in minutes and Works across every major platform

Explore use cases

Integrate in minutes and Works across every major platform

Touchless Ticketing Solutions

Enable offline and contactless ticketing solution. ensuring faster and safer authentication than all the current systems  


Works across devices and cross OS and requires no additional hardware, which makes it a powerful alternative to peer-to-peer payments

Kiosk checkout

Bring the seamless checkout experience and offer safer, faster and personalized experience to your customer.

Vending Machines

Provide seamless user experience. Connect and transact in one go.

Major Advantages

Two way transaction

Full duplex two way communication for safer and secure transaction unlike NFC and QR code.

Range control

Configure contactless authentication range from inches to several meters


Supports industry-standard encryption (AES, RSA, TOTP) for secure authentication

Super easy to integrate

Data-over-sound works across all devices requires no new hardware installation, making authentication and checkout experience seamless.

Integrate cross platform Trill SDK within minutes.

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