Safer and Secure P2P

Trillbit Data-over-sound technology has a two-way full-duplex mode of communication, for the near-field communication applications.

This addresses a critical limitation of NFC or QR code. Enabling two-way data transmission means that devices can receive the confirmation back.

This makes any transaction very secure.
for example, encrypted key exchange for secure financial transactions,or sending  confirmation receipts to a merchant or buyer.

Our technology works across devices and cross OS and requires no additional hardware, which makes it a powerful alternative to peer-to-peer payments and transaction.

Use cases

Mobile P2P payments

Frictionless and contactless P2P payments that  is private and secure. Seamless loyalty and payment experience

Mobile to POS transaction

Works across all devices and OS. Software only solution that can work with legacy to modern devices


Two way transaction

Full duplex two way communication for safer and secure transaction unlike NFC and QR code.

Range control

Configure contactless authentication range from inches to several meters


Supports industry-standard encryption (AES, RSA, TOTP) for secure authentication
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