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Technical FAQs
1. What are the use-cases Espressif ESP32-S3 MCU with trillbit SDK will be able to support

IoT device setup or device onboarding- connecting the device to the network.

2. Which language your SDK is written?

Embedded C

3. How I will get updated version?

Please refer to our Github page for any latest version. Link:

4. How secure is Trill?

TrillConnect acts as the Transportation layer same as TCP does in the internet stack.
Security protocol can be imposed on top of our Transport Layer so that they are in place as the data is passed to Trillbit SDK for transmission. Importantly, this means that Trillbit does not have knowledge of any customer data or transaction details or security protocol implemented by customers' applications. Customers can effectively add any type of encryption, tokenisation or other security protocols required before transmission.

5. Does Trillbit technology work in noisy environment ?

We work in the harshest of environments. Even where ambient sound levels exceed 100DB (sports stadium noise). Our powerful noise filter algorithm works like a charm and makes TrillConnect is ultra-reliable. 

6. Is the data sent audible? What are the frequencies over which data is sent?

Data is inaudible. Frequency range over which data is sent is: 17- 20 KHz

7. What is the range of Trillbit SDK?

There is support for the following distances:
1. 1-2ft,
2. 2-4ft,
3. Upto 6ft.

8. What is the data rate supported?

1. 2ft - 80 bps
2. 2-4 ft - 55 bps
3. upto 6ft - 34 bps

9. How can I communicate data to the Espressif ESP32-S3 MCU?

Data can be sent to Espressif ESP-32 S3 either through Trillbit’s proprietary applications or by integrating Trillbit SDK with your application(Trillbit SDK supports Android, iOS and Web platforms).

10. What are the hardware requirements for hosting the ESP32-S3 MCU?

1. Host library memory requirements: 700KB RAM,
2. Processor 240 MHz

11. How do I integrate SmartMic with my host device?

Follow Quick Start Guide. Link:

12. How many devices can a Trillbit embedded device license support?

Trillbit license will support one host board per license.

13. Can I obtain a trial license of TrillConnect SDK for Espressif ESP32-S3?

Yes, you can now obtain an evaluation license to integrate Trillbit SDK with Knowles SmartMic. In addition to that, evaluation licenses are also supported for Android and iOS platforms.

14. How safe is TrillConnect for humans and animals?

Theoretical range of human hearing is 20-20000 HZ but most of the humans cannot hear the tone above 16 kHZ and Trillbit operate around 17kHZ-20 kHZ.  Barring exceptions we are inaudible to humans. Some animals can hear the tone, however, it is very faint and completely safe for them.

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