Internet of Sound is here!

 Internet of Sound is here!
There are more number of audio speakers than people on the planet, our proprietary protocol is connecting them to create the Internet of Sound.

Data-over-sound technology is rapidly emerging field which gives a new connectivity option to achieve frictionless interactions between an ever-increasing number of connected devices. Sound waves based transmission has a range of important properties and strengths that cannot easily be replicated by electro- magnetic waves based mechanisms and hardwares.

The Internet of Sound blog is a place that will allow us to share our progress, updates, experiments and breakthroughs. It will encompass a wide range of topics  such as updates across our product line, technical write ups about our progress and practices, latest research in the field and company-wide news and events.

The internet of sound blog is a tracker of our continuous effort and will keep record as we continue to improve.

Our team is working super hard to make  data over sound technology available for all the platforms and continually improving to make it more robust and reliable. This is a place where we get to announce about our efforts and results and share our enthusiasm that we feel at TrillBit with the rest of the world.