Trillbit's "Sound Auth" placed among the top 3 winners of FIDO Developers Challenge

Trillbit's "Sound Auth" placed among the top 3 winners of FIDO Developers Challenge
Voice commerce is expected to grow at a staggering 95 % y-o-y and looks like innovation like Trillbit’s will be a major driver of secure authentication on IoT devices.

The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association with a mission to develop and promote authentication standards to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords. The FIDO Alliance promotes the usage, development of, and compliance with authentication and device attestation standards. FIDO members include industry leaders like Google, Microsoft, Apple, VISA, and many more.

In August, FIDO launched the global FIDO Developer Challenge 2021 to promote the passwordless revolution and find innovative applications of its standards. The challenge saw global participation of teams from over 8 countries, including the US, China, Japan, Canada, France, India, etc.
FIDO announced the winners on 20th Oct at its annual conference Authenticate 2021 held in Seattle, WA. The three winners were Trillbit based in Boston, US, Lockdrop from Canada, and Shaxware from Japan.

Trillbit has successfully built a proof of presence authentication solution based on its innovative data over sound technology. Trillbit’s technology can transform any speaker into a data transmitter and any device with a microphone into a data receiver. Trillbit creates an ultrasonic link between devices for authentication. Using its proprietary technology Trillbit used FIDO’s authentication standard to an automatic but extremely secure solution, “Sound-Auth,” where your phone acts as a roaming authenticator.

Whenever you need to log in or authenticate into an account, all you need to do is authorize the login on your phone using face ID or fingerprint and an ultrasonic link is created between your phone and the device/webpage you are trying to login.  If you move away from the device the link is broken, and you automatically log out. This not only removes the need for any password but is extremely secure and impervious to phishing or ‘middlemen’ attacks.

Trillbit’s CEO Bhaskar Deo says, “More than 2 billion voice-controlled devices sold in the year 2021 alone. Voice is the new interface for smart IOT devices, and it is crucial to secure these interactions. Trillbit’s solutions do just that. We are the only technology that brings financial-grade security to transactions on smart devices. Trillbit is pegged to secure these rapidly growing Voice commerce”