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Why Do Home Appliances Require Trustworthy Troubleshooting Technology?

Why Do Home Appliances Require Trustworthy Troubleshooting Technology?
Consumers find it frustrating when they have to resort to user manuals and refer to various color codes in order to understand the error. TrillAssist SDK by TrillBit utilises Data over Sound technology to enable frictionless troubleshooting solutions to home appliances and smart home devices making it a valuable option for manufacturers.

Home Appliances have become integral to our lives, especially in urbanised nations and cities worldwide. The technological revolution opened up the possibilities of building machines that could help homeowners perform mundane tasks with the help of these home appliances. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), home appliances these days have levelled up to become “smart appliances” that can make informed decisions and function efficiently with maximized automation and reliability. 

Homeowners nowadays are severely dependent on appliances like microwaves, toasters, thermostats, washing machines and a plethora of other appliances to help them with household tasks on a daily basis. Owing to this excessive dependency, the global home appliance market is expanding exponentially, rising from USD 217910 Million dollars in 2022 to USD 282150 Million dollars by 2028, with a CAGR rate of 4.4%, according to the Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2022-2028.

With such humongous growth potential in sight, home appliance manufacturers are trying to incorporate newer technologies that will contribute to improving consumer experience and lead to higher revenue generation by the company. Device troubleshooting has been a challenging hindrance for most smart home devices and home appliances, especially gadgets that lack an input interface. Even the tiniest malfunctioning perplexes the clients, resulting in long and tedious tech support calls with the customer support team, utterly frustrating for both parties. A statistics report by NewVoiceMedia has shown that companies are losing $62 billion each year due to poor customer service. These figures can be overwhelming and can affect the company’s growth potential. To ensure better troubleshooting and error diagnosis for home appliances, manufacturers are exploring various technological alternatives. 

What is TrillBit’s Data over Sound Technology?

TrillBit has built the pioneering Data over Sound technology that enables acoustic data transmission solutions and simple device-to-device communication with the help of sound waves for frictionless, secure, and cost effecttive device troubleshooting.

Data over Sound technology is a revolutionary technology that uses ultrasonic sound waves to transfer cryptographically secure digital data from one device (the sender’s device) to another (the receiver’s device). In case of troubleshooting, this technology can be availed to communicate with home appliances, especially the ones that lack any input interface to help consumers receive quicker troubleshooting solutions.

Data over Sound technology can be availed by any home appliance such as a washing machine, microwave etc that has an integrated buzzer within the system. The buzzer will enable the device to receive sound-based data and can efficiently contribute to the error diagnosis process that leads to successful troubleshooting. Error communication through Data over Sound is faster, simpler and independent of complicated technical jargon that is incomprehensible to homeowners and consumers. 

Data over Sound in Device Troubleshooting

TrillAssist SDK by TrillBit utilises Data over Sound technology to enable frictionless troubleshooting solutions to home appliances and smart home devices. With TrillAssist, users can easily understand the error within the device and opt for a quicker resolution. Consumers find it frustrating when they have to resort to user manuals and refer to various colour codes in order to understand the error within the device. With TrillAssist SDK, there will be little to no dependency on these manuals.

Here are a few features provided by TrillAssist that can benefit manufacturers and consumers alike:

  • TrillAssist uses Data over Sound for instant communication of the error information along with the troubleshooting procedure to the registered application software, available for the consumer to read. This saves the consumers’ time and effort as they will no longer have to depend on user manuals to understand the error.
  • A detailed report of the error codes along with status information is sent directly to the customer service team. In case the consumer requires any additional assistance, it will be more coherent as the tech support team can readily refer to the error codes and guide the consumer accordingly. Providing excellent customer service results in satisfied customers and helps in building a loyal customer base. In fact, according to research by HubSpot, 68% of customers say they will pay more for products and services from brands known to offer good customer service.
  • TrillAssist requires no new hardware, it works with smart home devices and normal home appliances alike, as long as there is a buzzer installed within the device.
  • TrillAssist can work efficiently on disconnected devices and devices that are in a non-working mode.
  • The error codes for any device can be customised to suit the manufacturer’s preferences. This feature is highly preferred by manufacturers as they can set their own error codes for better understanding and reference.
  • TrillAssist can work with both audible and inaudible sound transmission to provide frictionless troubleshooting and error communication solutions.

Final Words

Home Appliances are of pivotal importance in any household and when they fail to operate efficiently, it adds severe inconvenience to the lives of consumers. As a manufacturing company, it is important to provide assistance to clients when their devices malfunction. 

Providing excellent troubleshooting communication features within your products will ensure that you truly care for your customer’s sentiments, persuading them to buy more products from you in the future. Introducing this strategy can become a game changer for your company’s revenue generation and add further limelight to your brand value and trust factor. To know more about our innovative technology and understand how our technology can complement your product, book a demo with us at