Most reliable data over sound platform

Simplify connectivity by data over sound

 Our proprietary data over sound technology enables any device with a loudspeaker or microphone to exchange data reliably via inaudible sound waves.

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How it works

Software only solution integrate our SDK or API in your app, website or device and make it contactless
Encrypt and Broadcast
Encode any data such as network credential or user authentication
Transmit data using ultrasonic sound waves in vicinity
Decrypt and authenticate
Receive data using device microphone and decode by Trillbit SDK

Why Sound ?

We are scalable, cross-platform and zero deployment cost solution

Share data with anyone around you in a seamless experience. No pairing, touching or typing needed.
Device agnostic

Any device with a microphone or speaker, from legacy industrial hardware to modern smart speakers.

Fast and secure method of proximity communication without the dependency on Internet
Cross- Platfrom

Works across all type of devices and OS. Truly cross-platform in every sense

Supports industry-standard encryption (AES, RSA, TOTP) for secure authentication
Low power

Battery efficient specially for embedded applications. Much efficient than BLE 

Software development kit (SDK)

Integrate within minutes.

Trillbit SDK is designed for cross-platform and all-OS solutions. It works in harshest environment and supports any device.

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Trillbit versus other technologies

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